Fixed capital investment company focused on seed stage Startups
Step Venture is a RAIF SICAF established in Luxembourg. The company has a Luxembourgeoise GP and Lemanik as AIFM, to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the MIV segment
Deal Flow

Strong Origination

PIR Compliant & TAX Advantage

For investment in innovative SME

No Speculation

MIV Stock Exchange Listing

Market Opportunity

No Seed Investors In Italy

Investment Liquidity

Investors can always sell their shares

Target Investment
Seed capital is a risky and time consuming business Step Venture is managed by a team of professionals with a unique track record in seed investments Our business model will generate seed capital returns, bearing the risk of venture capital
Digital Startups
On the Market
Pre-Money Valuation <5M
Seed Investment  300K/1M
Expansion and Internationalization
Decision Process
Deal Flow

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By Step Fund


Indipendent Price Evaluation


By Lemanik Investor Committee

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